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The short story of my photography career: I didn't always want to be a photographer.  I always loved photography, but I was previously (a million lifetimes ago) a philosophy major and I wanted to be a philosophy teacher.  It didn't even occur to me that I could make my hobby into a profession until I took a photography elective that changed everything.  I switched majors (and schools) to pursue photojournalism, thinking I would work in the newspaper industry (I am older than I look).  I started shooting weddings in college, and newspapers weren't doing so well, so instead I dedicated myself to serving those in love.  It was the most wonderful decision I ever made.

A little bit more about myself: If you are wondering where it is I live, I understand your confusion.  I have lived in California, Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi again, and then, finally, Oregon, where I intend on staying (but I cannot see the future).  I still love photographing friends and strangers in all the many places I used to call home as well as new places I have yet to explore.

I am not married yet, myself, but I think I could plan a pretty cool wedding if that day were ever to come.  I am mama to four fur kids: Holly, an older pug mix, Bambi and Fox, my chihuahuas, and lastly, Sophia, my kitty.  I am vegan, dabble in the ukulele, and dream of one day being good at yoga.  My dream job (other than photography) would be to be the vegan Anthony Bourdain.  I have travelled to 15 countries and counting, but I equally love exploring the Pacific Northwest and staying close to home.  Lastly, I am a Slytherin and my patronus is a Black Stallion.


Maria Newman at La Push Beach, Washington

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