For Photographers

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Life is constantly teaching us that we are mirrors of one another and that no one is an island!
— Auliq Ice

Cannes, France Destination Wedding


I am a Canon shooter and most of my equipment is Canon.



Programs & Online Services

Things that make my life infinitely easier.

  • Squarespace: Makes beautiful websites easily.
  • Tave: Online studio management.  I use this to send out contracts, manage wedding details & collect payment.
  • Pass Gallery: Beautiful online galleries for clients.
  • Lightroom Classic CC: I edit 99.99% of my pictures in Lightroom & use Photoshop for a select few.
  • Photo Mechanic: It used to take me hours to cull weddings until I found this program, now it takes me under an hour to cull each wedding!
  • JPEG Mini: Removes unnecessary info from images and makes the file sizes smaller without losing image quality.
  • Blog Stomp: Helps me put together a blog post in no time!  Has saved me hours.
  • Fundy Designer: Has not only made designing albums a breeze, but a joy!


E-mail me at about presets.