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My whole life I have been a storyteller.  I made up fairytales before I could write, and started a journal as soon as I could.  I always felt a strong drive to preserve the past, be it through picture or written word.  When I am photographing a wedding, I do not think of it in terms of individual images, but rather as a complete story of the day you became a married couple.

I am inspired by people and their stories, and I am honored whenever a couple allows me to tell the story of how they became one.  Simply put, I am inspired by love.

I have been photographing weddings since 2007, but my passion for photography started when I was still in middle school.  I attended the University of Southern Mississippi and received my BA in Photojournalism.  In addition to weddings, I have taken pictures for publications and travelled with bands photographing shows and life on the road.

In the past decade I have lived in California, Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana and now Oregon.  I also studied abroad in both France and India.  Travel is a wonderful part of my life and I am lucky enough to have friends in all my former homes that still hire me often, which is a blessing because all these places feel like home to me.

I am a member of The Wedding Photojournalist Association, The Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association, Fearless Photographers, and Junebug Weddings' Worlds Best Wedding Photographers.  

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