Lorna + Rick | A California Wedding at Patrick's Point

One of my very best friends got married!  I was honored to be there for Lorna and Rick on their wedding day in our home-state of California.  Lorna and Rick decided to focus on having an intimate wedding filled with love and beauty.  The two travelled down from Tacoma to be with closest family and friends in a space that brought them both peace and joy, Patrick's Point State Park in Humbolt County, nestled amongst redwoods and near the sea.  Lorna's impeccable style was on full display in her lace bodysuit and chiffon skirt, paired with a vintage belt.  The two took the time to make sure both the locations and the decor were important to them, as well as the small guest list.  Even more important than all the decor, was the fact that Lorna's father was able to perform their wedding ceremony.  I was overjoyed to be a part of this wonderful union, reconnecting with friends from high school in my home state.  If I were to plan a wedding of my own one day, it would be much like Lorna and Rick's - laid-back and peaceful, with no loss of beauty or sentimentality.