One of the most wonderful parts of my job is getting to document other cultures and traditions I would otherwise not be exposed to.  I have always had a strong fascination and deep respect for different countries, cultures, and religions.  This is largely why I enjoy travel, but photographing weddings sometimes allows me to experience different cultural traditions in a more immersive and intimate way here on U.S. soil than I would had I travelled to another country on my own.  On one beautiful, sunny, early summer day, I had the honor of documenting a small and intimate Cambodian tea ceremony in a private residence in southwest Portland.  Julie and Freeden invited me to Julie’s sister’s house for a few very special hours filled with elaborate outfits and colorful food offerings.  It was an extra special experience because not only were they sharing their culture with me, but Freeden’s family was welcoming Julie into their family and culture through this ceremony.