One of the best parts about being a photographer is being able to capture the special moments in loved ones’ lives.  On my most recent trip back to Austin, I was able to capture one of the most important moments in the life of my beautiful friend, Taylor.

Taylor and I met years ago when I still lived in Austin.  She and I quickly became friends, and in a town where I felt alone most days, she made my days brighter.  She believed in me when few people did and helped guide me through life’s rough patches.  She has always been a role model to me and an example of what it truly means to be a good Christian woman.  That being said, I knew it would take a very special man to win the heart of such a woman, and truly be deserving of it.  When I asked Taylor what made Eddie special, she told me that he made her want to be a better person.  I knew then that he was in fact the one she had been waiting for.

We decided to take pictures at the Texas State Capitol building, where Eddie, unbeknownst to both Taylor and I, had a special plan.  Underneath the overcast sky and shady trees, Eddie asked to read Taylor something he wrote.  It was addressed “To my future wife.”

Each day I am with you I smile 100 times more than in a day without you.

Each day I am with you I laugh twice as hard at everything because everything becomes twice as funny when I have you to laugh together with.  

Each day I am with you I must pinch myself to make sure that what I experienced with you is real and not just a beautiful dream. 

Each day I am with you I discover that my passion for you has grown and it will never stop growing. 

Each day I am with you I put down my walls, disregard my insecurities, and expose my full love to you without fear of rejection. 

Each day I am with you I count as a gift from God. 

Each day I am with you I see the woman God has given me to live the rest of my life with and there is no doubt about that in my mind. 

Each day I am with you is one less day I have to spend without you…And I don’t want to spend another day without you!


I was so touched to be a part of such a special moment, and I am honored to be photographing their wedding in May!


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Oh my, what a beautiful story!

What beautiful pictures the emotions cone right thru! I’ve known Eddie since he was 15 and was privileged to be his youth leader, he is as great as they come. Congratulations to them both

Dearest Taylor Your friend did a wonderful job of capturing the intimacy of the moments in photographs. Looking at them I felt as though I was right there experiencing it with you. I am very much looking forwarding to meeting Eddie and his family in September.
Love Aunt Joan

Precious! Thank you for capturing and sharing these photos!

Beautiful! You are a special young woman and I am happy you have been blessed with your soulmate! Congratulations to you both! Love Susie

Such a beautiful proposal! I’m so happy for you Taylor!!!!

So happy for you, Taylor!

I love Taylor as a person! I had a class with her in high school and she is one of the most phenomenal women I had ever met! She deserves the best. Congratulations Taylor!